Sunday, June 12, 2016

Elder McMillan with his penchionista and her family

Elder McMillan and his zone at the Peru Trujillo temple

Thursday June 2, 2016

I am writing you all as a 19 year old haha!!! Finally I turned 19 years old haha. My penchionista bought me cake and chicken and popcorn and chips and soda and all sorts of stuff. It was a really good birthday!

So we had the opportunity to go the temple today!!!! It was so awesome!!!!!

I testify to you all that the temple is really the House of God. Last night I wrote specific questions down that I wanted answered. I left the temple today with an answer to everyone of these questions. I know the temple is awesome and I want you all to go!

I love you all so much and I testify that this is the Church that is true! Love you all!!!!
Love from Peru,

Elder McMillan

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