Monday, December 7, 2015

December 7, 2015

Well hello there people that I love and care for so much! This week has been absolutely amazing and so fun. 

First, I got to be interviewed by President Rios. I gave him 2 hugs! hahah! I love hugs. He is so amazing and I know he is called of God to be the Mission President of The Peru Trujillo South mission. I love him. I was also interviewed by his wife and she had me sing for her, and now me and my district leader are singing a duet for the Christmas Festival in Trujillo. I am really excited but we don't really know what to sing. hahahha!

Also along with 3 other missionaries we have the opportunity to sing a quartet in the Christmas concert here in Viru!!!! I love singing. I love singing Christmas music as well!

Everyone here says  I am getting skinnier! hahaha! Which I don't mind at all! My suit pants pretty much fall of me now. I have to tighten my belt a lot hahha! I still love soda though.  Theres is now diet coke here so when I drink soda, sprite or coke haha!

We are so close with Sebastion. We had fast and testimony meeting and he told us he wanted to bare his testimony. We will surely have a date set for him this week. I love you all so so so much. Remember that with our Lord and our Savior Jesus Christ, all is possible. I want you all to look and read Psalms 37, It is all about waiting for the lord and having faith in him. I love you all so so much !

Love from Peru,
Elder McMillan

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