Wednesday, May 31, 2017


This is Elder McMillan's mom - today was a beautiful day for Elder McMillan and for our family.  The wonderful loving people of Peru took such care to make today a special birthday for Elder McMillan.  As you can see they made cakes, gave gifts, and shared the photos with our family.  We love the people of Peru and appreciate their love for Elder McMillan.

We were lucky his birthday fell on a p-day - here is his letter:

I am so happy today! I am 20 years old, that is so crazy. I don't feel like a 20 year old haha! I am so so happy and I feel good.

I am doing so good today. My pencionista is going to do a family home evening for me. I am excited for it.  A member just called me because she wants to invite me to some cake in her house. I love the people here!

We have a date for the 17th. Her name is Alicia. She is  63 years old. She is so awesome and we are so excited for her. She was watching a video of the baptism of Christ and just said to us I want to do that. She is reading the Book of Mormon and goes to church. We are so excited for her!

I am so momma. I love missionary work. I know it is true. I know this church is true. I am so happy here.

I cant believe that it is almost June. that means I will almost have 2 months left! Oh my word that shocks me. I love you all so much. 
Love from Peru,
Elder McMillan

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