Tuesday, April 4, 2017

13 March 2017

This picture is of Joseph. He is 22 years old and he always did visits with me and Elder Hart, but now he is leaving to go to college, so we took some pictures with him hahaha!!!!

I love you all and I hope you are all doing well. I am praying for you guys everyday. I know this church is True. I know God lives and that he loves each and everyone of us.

If you are having a bad day, remember that the adversary is attacking you because you are a choice child of God. Satan attacks us, because he knows we're strong, and he doesn't want us to be strong, but we are so much stronger than he is. Remember you can overcome everything with our Savior Jesus Christ. He has died for us , and we can be saved thanks to him. Keep fighting, and keep working. God will protect you all. Read D & C section 122. It is awesome!!!!! God can make the darkest moments, into the brightest days.

This week has been really good. Keysi is for sure getting baptized on the 24th. We are really excited for her to get baptized. She told us she feels very content and excited for her baptism. Ana as well is really excited for her baptism on the 25th. We fasted with her so she can find another job to keep the sabbath holy, and the next day, her neighbor offered her a job where she wouldn't even work Saturday or Sunday, so I know that fasting brings miracles. Our zone is hopefully going to have 14 baptisms this month so we are really excited about that! I  love you all so so so much. I testify that this church is True!!!! I love you all!

Love from Peru,
Elder McMillan

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