Sunday, November 13, 2016

Wednesday November 9, 2016
Hey family and friends I am writing today because we went to the temple! The temple is beautiful and you all need to go to the temple!

This week my companion and I we had the opportunity to find 14 new investigators! It was such a fun week and we have been working so hard together! We love it out here!
We have 2 dates for baptism the 26 of November! Caled and Jean Carlos are going to be baptized! Jean Carlos is a funny dude because he tells me he wants to marry my sister hahaha!  He wants to be my brother in law hahaha!!! He is such a funny dude!

I am forgetting English a lot. When a missionary speaks to me in English it is hard to remember haha! I love you guys so much!

I had the opportunity to finish the Book of Mormon again this week in Spanish! It is true! I know it! I love you all!
Love from Peru,
Elder McMillan

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