Thursday, March 2, 2017

 27 February 2017

So I am so excited and so blessed because me and Elder Hart are staying together!! We are so excited and so happy to be staying together in Bellamar. I am so happy and blessed for Elder Hart. He is awesome and I just love him so so so much!!! 

This week Keysi accepted her baptism date for the 11th of March!!! and Ana accepted her date for the 25th!!! We are excited to keep helping them and get them all ready for baptism.

We were able to find 8 new investigators this week which is awesome!!! We are really excited to keep working hard and helping more of these people so they can press forward to baptism!!!!

We are really excited to keep helping our zone so they can meet there goals and be really happy and feel good in their missions. 

By the way to you all freezing in other parts of the world, I am here burning. I think the ozone layer isn't as strong because the sun is so strong here!!! It cooks me!!! I look like a rotten tomato haha!!!!

I testify in the name of our Lord and Savior that this church is true. It is so beautiful to be able to see a baptism of a convert. Our zone had 8 baptisms this month. We are really happy and excited to help the zone and animate them so that they can keep baptizing. I love you all so so so much!!!
Love from Peru,
Elder McMillan

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